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  • I found a very old usb wifi stick i bought many years ago at 3 € or 4 € "Ralink Technology Corp RT5370 wifi adapter"... I said to myslef let's give it a try et HOP ! it was recognized by the DM900 UHD ! Miracle... and problem solved thank all contributors

  • Quote from Fred Bogus Trumper: “But why not a build-in SAT Tuner? So far only the DM8000 had a built-in wifi - all other models didn't. So read the specifications before buying something next time instead of having such a pointless discussion ” Sorry i forgot to add my "thanks" to you for your contribution to this discussion well i have been using a DM8000 for the last six years and i still having it working now. But i decided last week to migrate to a DM900 (... and then realised it has no wire…

  • Anyway... thanks Joey and Gutemine for your help... i will stay for now with Lan connection and will address the wireless feature later For information , REALTEK 8192ca and REALTEK 8192cu are supported for those who have these chipsets Quote from gutemine: “I'm pretty sure your old Laptop was not cheaper than the original WLAN USB stick from Dream either ... ” It was a professional Toshiba equipment from 2003 so not worth a penny today ... but already having a built-in wireless

  • Quote from gutemine: “If your old Laptop could receive SAT signals you would be simply in the wrong board ... And NO, Dreamboxes were NEVER about minimum cost ” Sorry i may not have been clear here but I mentioned "old" laptop here not for signal processing but for network bridge function...

  • Quote from Joey: “…stick-mit-antenne-schwarz ” guys... thank you but have you seen the additional price to pay to have a wireless feature ? in 2020 ? i may as well use one of my old laptops (all having wireless) to act as a bridge ! We are all in this hobby to get the maximum services for the minimum cost... this is not a matter of money but all part of the fun ! (My last alternative would also be to switc…

  • I bought the 900UHD box last week… I never thought it comes without built-in wlan… so i went searching for wifi sticks and i have been advised rtl8192 from tp-link … so i bought one yesterday... … and now i read your post !

  • have you managed to find a driver for this chipset ? I have the same problem and spending hours searching the net for a driver for rtl8192eu... I found a driver "enigma2-plugin-drivers-network-usb-rtl8192eu_1.0-r0_all.ipk" for openPLI but no *.deb for DM900UHD/NN2

  • Yes… that's what i start understanding…. Any idea about a good IPTV box ? (the richest in features and performances … regardless of budget ! Juste to have a reference point)… This universe is completely all new to me

  • I would like to run IPTV on my DM8000HD / NN2 - I did a try but face black screen (The same URL works fine when streamed by PC/VLC). I merely manaed to capture a channel but the motion was slow and the box crashed I am wondering is ther a codec or a plugin that is needs to be installed in order to process the inbound signal ?

  • Yes... link very helpful... solved my problem thanks a lot

  • used method one… it worked great…. thanks a lot

  • ipkg error - status collected errors

    habib2535 - - DM800


    Thank you guys…. The post was useful to me SEVEN years after. I realised indeed that my DNS server has a typo (165 vs 168)

  • I have a Dreambox DM800HD with latest newnigma2 - I can mount cifs drives on my local network with servers such as DM7000, Linux/fedora, etc.… but not with windows 10 servers… I read something about old versions of samba not supported by windows 10. Note that at the opposite i am able to connect the DM8000 drives to windows 10 laptop !

  • i have a DM800 with latest Newnigma2. I am starting manually the command " /etc/init.d/busybox-cron start" each time a boot the box… How can i automate this ?