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  • Hello @deepblue2000. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm a newbie. Please see attachment. Thanks.

  • Hello @deepblue2000. It's solved. Just one question: The spacing between items, in the Channel List, has become too spaced. How can I configure? Thank you very much. hugs

  • - Hi, I've:DM920-UHD4KMERLIN-4 OE2.5 I installed this Skin: "enigma2-skin-hdsuisse.one4all.fhd_6.1".Picons do not appear in the Channel List. Where should I put them? In InfoBar, the picons appear; just like on Oled. I have the Picons 220x132, on a USB stick.I have a Symlik, forwarding to this address. Doubts:To appear in the Channel List, where should I place the Picons?And what size? Can I configure this Skin? At where? Thanks

  • Newnigma2 trauert um gorgone

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  • # Hi @Joey / @goliath / @ deepblue2000 I do not want to give up easily, as long as there is an alternative. The keymap.xml file (/ usr / share / enigma2) can be changed to create an access to "Camd Choice" using the blue button. It's not impossible. I saw the post from @Joey at: Keymap Editor Plugin # I attach my file. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am very grateful for this change. Thank you very much. #

  • # Hi @Joey I wanted to say: "The image of Newnigma2 OS2.5, is not damaged." # I will contact the Author of Skin HDGlass 17. # Thank you for yours attention. #

  • # Hi @goliath See the picture :: "Extras - Picture 2th Menü". # Hi @Joey Sorry, but it's a bug. I contacted the Skin Author "HDGlass 17". He informed me that the problem is with Firmware Newnigma2 OS2.5. Currently, without the menu, I have the following path: / media / hdd. If I install the menu, I get this path: flash. Problem: With the picons in flash, I run out of access to perform updates. Do not I access the "Paketmanager" menu. I put this problem right here in the Forum. The solution was t…

  • # Hello @ deepblue2000 It is not broken. Newnigma2 OS2.5 has a menu. Yes. But I uninstalled it. For me to have Picons as they are in this image, I had to uninstall the "menu". With the "menu" installed, these picons do not appear. It will be a Newnigma2 OS2.5 bug that has to be solved. Now I just need a shortcut. Thank you. #

  • # Hello @ deepblue2000 Look what I have when I click the blue button. #

  • # Hello @deepblue2000 "3 more clicks"? I did not understand. Blue button? Can not possible ... Please explain better. Thank you. #

  • # Hello @mini-wini I have the OSCam Modern installed. I want to have access to the Cam, to turn it on or off. I need a shortcut, to click the blue button and go to "Camd Choice". Thank you. #

  • # Hello Please, I need your help. I have DM900UHD 4K with Newnigma2 OS2.5 installed. # I need a shortcut, to click the blue button and go to "Camd Choice". # I await your help. Thank you. #

  • DM900UHD 4K OS2.5 - ABERTIS-30W

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    # Hello I need help, to install the "ABERTIS - 30W". I have DM900UHD 4K, with Newnigma2 OS2.5. # I followed all the instructions. # When installing with DCC-Telnet, this error occurred: # root @ dm900: ~ $ opkg installs Astra-SM Reading package lists ... Building dependency tree ... Reading status information ... E: Unable to locate the Astra-SM package root @ dm900: ~ $ # I reconfirmed the entire installation, but it does not work. # ERRORS: Tuning ... There is no transponder data (PAT reading …

  • Plugin / Extension "Oscam Status"

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    # Hello I have DM900UHD 4K with Newnigma2 OS2.5 installed. I have the Softcam Modern installed. # I need the Plugin / Extension "Oscam Status", to check the connections of my CLines. # I need your help to find this "Oscam Status" Plugin / Extension. Thank you. #

  • # Hi @ConAir / @Mausi / @gorgone / @ Basti756 / @Hilfsbereit. Many thanks to all with your efforts and your tips. Yours were all very important in this success. Yes. The problem is solved. As suggested: in / media / usb I deleted everything. Before, the files were transferred to a PEN. I inserted PEN into the USB3 slot and behold, everything is five stars. # Hug for everyone. #

  • # Hi @Mausi You're right. The files are not in PEN. They are in Flash. I have already removed them by FTP. And are now in PEN. # How to correct the PEN error (see previous image) so that the Picons are read from there? # I want your help. Thank you. #

  • # Hi @ConAir and @Mausi This PEN is new. The saved files are picons. See the image. But PEN is not working. See the image, with the error. I do not know how to correct it. Thank you. #

  • # Hi @Mausi I have this HD that I removed from my old DM8000HD PVR:…n&model=SAMSUNG%20HD502HI But it is not for this DM900UHD 4K. Unfortunately. Thank you. #

  • # Hi @Mausi See the image. There is no file except the HDG directory which is empty. Thank you. #

  • # Hi @ Basti756 No, I do not have HDD. I have a PEN inserted in the USB3 slot. But she's in error. See the image: I do not know how to solve these problems. Thank you. #