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  • E-Channelizer Revamped…af998074270271e2935f5c98a New Release v18 Now Available

  • Version 4.0.1 Released A bug-fix update for the recent major release V4. Release Notes

  • Version 4.0.0 is Finally Here! After months of working on the next major release, E-Channelizer just got a massive update. The update includes a wealth of new features, improvments and bug-fixes, that make experiencing your TV channels easier than ever. EC4.png Release Notes

  • .NET is available for the server-side web development framework; ASP.NET. The client-side stack (WPF & WIN Forms) is not yet available, unfortunately!

  • Version 3.0.0 Released E-Channelizer 3.0 is another major milestone that delivers a massive update introducing: revamped look and feel, a bunch of new features, as well as dozens of improvments, and numerous bug-fixes. This release aims to be the most robust experience yet! screenshot.png What's New | Download Changelog (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) Thanks To AIT YAHIA Idir, Clemens, DreamMuca, FRAP, GioppyGio, Huevos, Lulu, Luiz A. Rodrigues, Michael Pauser, Pan3o, Persian Prince, Rob van d…

  • Version 2.4.0 Released New - Speed up the load time of settings. - Redesign and improve the "Edit Stream" dialog to be more intuitive. - Support RAW streams along with DVB and IPTV types. - Define the default stream type (useful when importing M3U streams). - Add, import and export picons of DVB streams with custom references. - Rename the picons imported from a folder using either SRP or SNP. - Filter bouquets on type (TV, Radio, or both). - Allow duplicate favorites in a bouquet (optional). - …

  • [Tutorial] How to import Bouquet with E-Channelizer Thanks @ Lululla

  • Version 2.3.0 Released New - Support custom reference (dvb-service or user-defined) of IPTV streams. - Assign DVB service to IPTV stream by drag and drop while pressing CTRL. - Add, import and export picons of IPTV streams with custom references. - Define the streaming / transcoding port in the profile configuration. - Toggle match diacritical marks in the search results (e.g. Barça). - Display quick hints for better usability and user experience. - Added Latvian language, thanks to DreamMuca. -…

  • Version 2.2.1 Released Fixed - Incorrect order when loading and rearranging bouquets. - Installation path of the icon associated with ECZ file type (*.ecz). Download Download or update if you already have a previous version of E-Channelizer. Regards Sayyid A.

  • Quote from Bit: “Cross-platform? Linux / OS X support?” FAQ: What about Linux and Mac?

  • Version 2.2.0 Released New - New application logo. - Windows installer for better setup experience (recommended). - Open files from the Windows explorer context menu (installer only). - Display progress and prompt indications in the Windows taskbar. - Support hostname, DNS, and IPv6 in the profile configuration. - Show/hide password in the profile configuration. - Delete services of the missing satellites after loading (optional). - Show number of bouquets where services are favorited (sortable)…

  • IPTV bouquets

    SayyiD - - Allgemeine Fragen


    Using E-Channelizer, you can add IPTVs manually and easily import M3U tracks or playlists.…af998074270271e2935f5c98a…af998074270271e2935f5c98a How to add streams? How to import M3U streams? How to stream services?

  • Version 2.1.0 Released New - Import bouquets from another settings (local file or STB). - Reload transponders, bouquets, and white/black lists. - Import and export picons using the normal service names. - Restore existing user configuration after upgrading (v2.x only). - Added Russian language, thanks to spartak73 and Qweeps. - Updated all language translations, thanks to the authors. Changed - Display favorites as "<N/A>" if services not found (optional). - Improved copying/pasting services and…

  • Quote from Bit: “Cross-platform? Linux / OS X support?” Not yet!

  • Version 2.0.0 is Out! This release shows a major user interface revamp, E-Channelizer has been completely redesigned to be much more simple, familiar, yet powerful experience. Aside from the new UI, version 2.0 also gets a bevy of new features and many improvements. screenshot.png New - New fresh user interface, more stylish, natural and intuitive. - Switchable layout of bouquets and favorites (horizontal/vertical). - Show more details of service and transponder (selectable). - Show count of ite…

  • Quote from Bit: “- import from Kingofsat and create/update channellists” Grabbing from KingOfSat (and others) is on my To-Do list, just keep tuned! Quote from Bit: “- OS X version - Linux version” I have to re-write the whole application from scratch using another cross-platform framework. Hopefully I could find an easier approach to accomplish this in the near future, I am not sure!

  • Version 1.4.0 Released New - Added displaying picons for services and favorites in 3 different sizes. - Added selecting picons from any image format (png, jpeg, gif, tiff, bmp). - Added importing/exporting picons using service references or names. - Added transferring picons to STB. - Added support for subservices. - Added support for invisible markers and bouquets. - Added highlighting services from favorites list. - Added top shortcuts for the most frequent commands. - Added German language, t…

  • Picons, German, and more .. coming soon! E-Channelizer_Picons_DE.png

  • Thanks! I added this thread to the Discussion Forums on E-Channelizer website.

  • Quote from Bit: “Not OpenSource? Who knows what this app is doing with the datas...? :)” Just like other closed-source applications and images, it quietly steals your private data. Which data do you mean? are you kidding The hours consumed to develop this free app are much more expensive than such data!!