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      Dear Friends,
      I've been making an urgent appeal.

      I made this update the hardware drivers on my "DM8000HD DVR":
      File: "dreambox-dvb-modules_2.6.18-7.4-DM8000-20120216-r0_dm8000.IPK."
      The image must be matched to the drivers and Their components.
      Update DM500HD, dm800se, DM8000, and dm7020hd dm800 hardware drivers:
      - Fixed overflow on this aspect ratio calculation Possible fixes wrong scaled content
      - Fixed scale factor calculation for dm800 ie fixes wrong scaled IPTV services
      - Fixed non transparent framebuffer bootup after this fixes not visible before bootlogo e2 starts on dm800

      This update did not fix anything. These problems I have now:
      - Failure to accept and access by DCC_E2 Dreamset 1:44 v2.36 (x64).
      - To accept the access and DCC 2.96 Dreamset v2.36 (x32).

      After I installed the drivers from the file: "dreambox-dvb-modules_2.6.18-7.4-DM8000-20120216-r0_dm8000.IPK", I started having problems:
      - The box does not accept access by DCC_E2 v1.44 and Dreamset v2.36 (x64). Indicates no error, only blocks after some timeout.
      - But the experiences I did, I noticed that the box supports access by DCC 2.96 and Dreamset v2.36 (x32), normally.

      Strange, but it is reality. It seems that we went back to back ...

      The username and pass are correct, but the connection is not made.
      That is, the FTP connection is performed, but there is no directory and / or of the file box
      - Completely blank on the directories and files of the box to the right directories, and the PC properly.


      I tried it then:
      - Install, Cable, the latest version of the original DM8000HD.
      - After this installation then installed the image Newnigma2 3.3.1 (latest version).

      Without success.
      The hits that had from the PC to the box with 1.44 and DCC_E2 Dreamset v2.36 (x64) left there.
      I only have equal access to DCC 2.96 and Dreamset v2.36 (x32).

      Please, I need to get original drivers for the hardware to fix this update.


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    • dont have problems with connecting DreamSet and current Unstabile NN2(
      just note you have to use `killall -9 enigma2` method after upload new settings, in other case you will have mix of new and old services…age=Thread&threadID=16345
      dm7080sstt; 2x dm8000sstt; dm7020s <- Diseq1x4 <- 3x Diseq1x10 <-
      1.8m 36E;28E;23E;19E;16E;13E;7E
      1.6m 42E;36E
      1.0m 10/9E;5E;1W;8W
      1.0m 15W;22W;30W
      1.1m 4/5W;12W;18W;24W
      1.1m 53E;60E
      1.0m 75E
      TVs: Philips 46pfl9707s; Philips 42pfl9703h