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    • Hi,

      for those who are still interested, I followed gutemine's advise and rolled up those sleeves. I have crossepg 0.8.5 from running on weekly oe2.0 newnigma2 image on dm7020hd.

      This is kind of a hack, but for those interested, here is what I did:

      Removed crossepg 0.6.2 from the newnigma feed on the local box:

      opkg remove enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-crossepg

      Grabbed a few packages with 'wget' from the current OpenATV feed at :

      You'll find those packages under one of these paths:


      enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-crossepg_0.8.5+gitr472+805da7b-r0_dm7020hd.ipk[/tt]These packages will have to be copied to the local box and installed manually using "opkg install". The sequence should be about right, but watch for potential errors because of dependencies missing, you might have to adjust the installation sequence.

      Fixed a few problems:

      1. The OpenATV version relies on a python module called "boxbranding". This does not exist in the newnigma image. But only one function "getImageDistro()" is used from that module in CrossEPG. So just create your own python module '' under /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/SystemPlugins/CrossEPG. The code included is just a two line

      Source Code

      1. def getImageDistro():
      2. return 'dm7020hd'
      2. The python module crossepg_downloader.pyo in the same directory needs to be modified. Therefore download the source code from and comment out lines 73 to 80 like this

      Source Code

      1. # for slot in nimmanager.nim_slots:
      2. # if slot.canBeCompatible("DVB-S"):
      3. # try:
      4. # slot.config.dvbs
      5. # self.legacy = False
      6. # except:
      7. # self.legacy = True
      8. # break

      and copy the new version to /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/SystemPlugins/CrossEPG/ on the local box.

      3. Get three files from the old 0.6.2 version of crossepg under…aster/src/enigma2/python:
      • skins/downloader-hd.xml
      • skins/downloader-sd.xml
      and copy those to /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/SystemPlugins/CrossEPG/ on the local box.

      4. This should do it and you should be able to use the new CorssEPG with XMLTV import and the new Rytec providers.
      To test, it is best to start enigma2 manually (init 4, and watch the debug info. In addition, you can watch the crossepg.log, by default under /hdd/crossepg/crossepg.log.

      Maybe somebody more skilled can use this info to get this into the newenigma2 oe 2.0 feed sometime in the future...

      Have fun hacking....


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