How to add user to dreambox?

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    • RE: How to add user to dreambox?

      Log in through ssh as root. From Linux/MAC/UNIX with "ssh root@FQDN-HOSTNAME-OF-DM8000" from a terminal. From windows with any installed term program like "putty" or similar.

      Then after logging in to the DM8000, run ....

      root@dm8000:~# adduser --help
      BusyBox v1.15.3 (2011-10-10 16:37:27 UTC) multi-call binary

      Usage: adduser [OPTIONS] user_name

      Add a user

      -h DIR Home directory
      -g GECOS GECOS field
      -s SHELL Login shell
      -G GROUP Add user to existing group
      -S Create a system user
      -D Do not assign a password
      -H Do not create home directory
      -u UID User id


      Then you have all options to create the user. You can also run "cat /etc/passwd" and "cat /etc/shadow" to give you a hint of what you have from scratch if you want to know....

      OR (if I misunderstood your question that was not clear)...

      Do you mean if it´s possible to create a user if you do not have root rights to the system during the user creation? The answer is no. But with "sudo" if set up properly you could raise your privileges to be able to create a user. But then that user will have root privileges for that particular task.


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    • Yes. That is how I do it at home. The "Dreambox live" iphone/ipad app has support for using a different user than root as I requested it by its creator (that listened...). And my kids use a std user without root when streaming with VLC from their computers.