[gutemine] Flodder - ein Boottool zum Knutschen

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    • telnet works different, but when you already have troubles to do a telnet connection and enter the mkfs.... command you maybe should not extend your image and use it as it is without too many plugins that you will have troubles to use properly.

      And if you already used flashexpander the device is blocked and unusable for flodder. Flash a fresh image and start again.....
      Bad mood, bad manners, bad Plugins, you have been warned :whistling:
    • I had to unmount usb to format it. Then I installed flodder rebooted box and initialised the usb and rebooted again and installed.

      Hope did not change the format type by initialising it....

      What command should I use to check whether the format is ext4 for my usb?


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