Newnigma2 - DM8000HD PVR

    • Newnigma2 - DM8000HD PVR

      I have DM8000HD (official) with installed Newnigma2.
      I use the Plugin Weather. It is configured with sites that I plan to get information.
      Every time I have to reinstall the image for any problem, I have to enter new locations.
      Maybe I can make a backup of the folder or a single file.
      With this file or folder with this information stored in a reinstallation, I can transfer to the box. Facilitated, but do not know where the folder or file.
      I await information.
      Thank you very much. Hugs.
    • I wrote you your answer in the merlin board, where you did asked first

      blue button, newnigma2 service menu, configsaver
      Probleme kann man niemals mit derselben Denkweise lösen.


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