DM 525 HD Combo

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    • DM 525 HD Combo

      Can somebody help me?
      I just bought a DM 525HD COMBO and I programed the newnigma2 image.
      It works perfect. But what I want to do I can't find in downloads.
      I want to install CCcam 2.1.4 , but I can't find it in downloads.
      I also want to download CCcam Info v1.3
      Can somebody please help me, so I can download these 2.
      thanks in advance
    • you can install cccam 2.3.0 from the feed
      no support for older versions.
      Probleme kann man niemals mit derselben Denkweise lösen.


      "Die Deutsche Rechtschreibung ist Freeware, sprich, du kannst sie kostenlos nutzen.
      Allerdings ist sie nicht Open Source, d.h. du darfst sie nicht verändern oder in veränderter Form veröffentlichen."
    • Hi,

      if you want to stick with CCcam, 2.3.0 is good to go. No need for even older versions.
      CCcam 2.3 is not confidential
      That was a hoax years ago and has never been proved. It was around the same time when the CCcam protocol was made available in OSCam and I clearly remember one of the developers took the chance to look for suspicious code inside the protocol and he didn't find any.

      So... just use 2.3.0. Don't worry.