Display a string in the corner (like permanent clock)

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    • Display a string in the corner (like permanent clock)


      I would like to permanently display a string directly underneath the permanent clock, like the following:
      Temp: 20, Humidity: 50%

      Is there a plugin that I could use to send and display such values? There is a Web API to send messages but that is not similar to a permanent text in the corner.
      Any help or plugin snippet to start will be much appreciated. :)

    • Basically, you have to display in in any screen.xml; for the temperature it would lock similiar to
      Display Spoiler

      <widget font="Regular;24" halign="center" noWrap="1" position="230,100" render="Label" size="130,60" source="session.MSNWeather" transparent="1" valign="center" zPosition="1">
      <convert type="MSNWeather">temperature_current</convert>
      The information (in this case session.MSNWeather, temperature_current) has to be in the system already. With this entry in the skin you only display it.

      I have no idea where you want to get humidity from, ?( ?(
      Yamp - gepimte Version auch für FHD - aktuelle Version V3.2.2 hier