Dreambox 820 HD

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    • Dreambox 820 HD

      Hi all,

      I own a dreambox 820hd with newnigma2 installed, but the television often freezes while watching programs. When I restart the dreambox (using the button at the back of the machine), everything works fine again.
      When I start my dreambox , a notification pops up to inform me there is an update available "For your firmware are 1 updates available. For further information visit newnigma2.to. Do you want to start the firmware upgrade now" However, when I press "yes", I get the following notification "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove". I also tried updating/upgrading via telnet (using the commands opkg update, opkg upgrade or simply opkg update && opkg upgrade), however no upgrades are installed. However, when I enter the command opkg list-upgradable, I get the following message : "enigma2 - 4.3.0r22-dm7080-r0-newnigma2-1.5 - 4.3 0r22-dm70800-r0-newnigma2-1.7", hence I believe a distri-upgrade is available but somehow won't be installed using the regular commands. Is it possible that I need to update my repositories where te opkg update command tries to look for updates? If so, where can I find the respositories file in Newnigma2 to add the necessary repositories? If not, is there another solution you suggest?

      I hope my issue (television freezing) will be solved by updating the software however if you have an alternative suggestion, please shoot! If you need more details about my current dreambox version or whatsoever, please ask me and I'll check asap.

      Many thanks in advance for the support!
    • Theres no opkg in DreamOS. apt-get is the matter of choice for online installation and dpkg for offline installation. For updating the system use the command up.

      You are using an outdated version of the image and theres no update for it anmyore. You need to flash the most recent image. Download there: feed.newnigma2.to/daily/images/
    • Hi,

      Many thanks for the quick reply!
      When I use the "up" command, the box also starts to update its packages however I get the same notification: "0 upgraded , 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded". So I'm afraid you're right and I will need to flas the most recent image.... Do you believe this will also solve the freezing of my television screen or do you think these are not related with the outdated version?

      Further, when I install a new image, do I need to re-install the CCcam, re-enter the servers and sattelites or will the Dreambox remember these/is there a possibility to backup these first before doing the installation of the new image?

      Many thanks!