DM920 & Newnigma

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    • DM920 & Newnigma

      Hi all,
      I've just received my new box and after testing a few E2 images I decided to stay on Newnigma which works really well.
      I have a couple of questions still:

      My previous experience was with Egami project that had some capabilities I miss here:
      - how to make full image backup to have a possibility to dump a complete binary wih all all the settings and have a possibility to restore in case of issues with new SW version?
      - is it possible to install on Newenigma an EPG importer plugin supporting Rytec sources? If yes, how because I found only some IPK binaries that are not accepted by Newenigma (only *.deb files). Maybe I miss some knowledge and do not use a proper procedure for ipk files, not sure.

      Anyway, Newenigma looks like a great project, thanks!

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    • hi and welcome,

      first question: use the dbackup plugin from feed to do a full image backup

      second question: XLMTV EPG Importer (Rytec EPG) for DreamOS…er-rytec-epg-for-dreamos/
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    • Btw I checked the authenticity plug-in and the result was strange, not recognized model name, not matching S/N (on my box I have something like "DM920zzzzz" and the online check returned xxxx-yyyy), only the MAC address was valid
      Did you manage to get the correct results using the online S/N check on page? Or maybe this authenticity plug-in works corectly only on the original DM software?

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