Dvb-T2 Not Scanning & Dvb-C Not Saving All Scanned Channels

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    • Dvb-T2 Not Scanning & Dvb-C Not Saving All Scanned Channels

      Hi Everyone, my new dual tuner Dvb-C & T2 just arrive and was installed into my Dm7020Hdv2. I am using the latest Newnigma image. During testing I encounter the following issue,

      1. Set at Dvb-c – testing 1 tuner at a time, scanned channels about 95 but only able to save around 30
      2. Set at Dvb-T2- couldn’t scan for any channels. Tried changing the terrestrial.xml file at /etc/tuxbox to the one I had created for my location but it seem to continue reading the original terrestrial.xml which I do not know where is the another file located. I had checked and confirmed the file at /etc/tuxbox was change.

      Thanks very much
    • Hi Joey, thanks for the reply.
      It’s not Germany but singapore, I had make a terrestrial.xml file but after copied over to /etc/tuxbox by over-riding the existing file, it didn’t work.

      Hi Gutemine, thanks for the reply.
      My T2 antenna does not have any electricity input and confirmed it is working as my other stb can scan and received channels.

      Best Regards to All
    • First some stb output 5V automatically and there doesn't need to be an extra 5V input, this is sent out directly via the Coax cable.

      I know some indoor antennas have an extra USB Plug to steal power this way, but this doesn't mean that the antenna doesn't need the 5V if there is no such plug.

      Finally if the antenna is a fully passive one (like old Analoque TV antennas) it doesn#t hurt to send the 5V out via Coax either.

      At least Singapore seems to Broadcast their FTA DVB-T2 in H.264 otherwise a dm7020hd would be out of job ...

      An normally there is only 1-2 MUX sending all FTA channels, you can easily do a manual scan for these 2 frequencies without changing the terrestrial.xml at all.

      Regarding your DVB-C channel scanning problems - probably the missing ones are Radio channels, or data channels which will not show up in TV Bouquet. You may also use Frequencly lists from your cable provider to manually scan Frequencies of channels which were not found.

      Technically the dreanbox truies to find all used Frequencies of a cable provider but this is not perfect, especially if the cable signal is not strong an clean, then it will need some manual help ...

      Finally if you attach DVB-T2 antenna to one entry and DVB-C Cable to the second one you have to config the tuners accordingly only DreamOS boxes support activating both modes on both tuner entries and dynamically switching with a 5V switch.
      Bad mood, bad manners, bad Plugins, you have been warned :whistling:

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    • Hi Everyone, I think the 5v supply cannot be turn-on for my T2 antenna that had no electricity input port. After switching on (and switch off after), both Stb including the other one which is working well in T2 cannot view any channels, have to buy another antenna.

      I had edited the original terrestrial file from /etc/tuxbox that include the existing countries and my local channels. I had over-right the existing terrestrial file in /etc/tuxbox by switching-off enigma2 using telnet command “init 4”. When I go into /menu/setup/Service Searching/Tuner configuration/Terrestrial provider to select my location, green screen appear.

      Could someone tell me how to change the terrestrial file that include my local channels please?
      Thanks & Best Regards
    • you have to use a linux compliant editor and follow the xml rules, eg open and close brackets <.../> correctly.

      BUT this was NOT the given advice to use manual scan. And your 5V story is strange, because this is not normal behaviour for a passive antenna, but I can only apollogize if this was happening.
      Bad mood, bad manners, bad Plugins, you have been warned :whistling:
    • Hi Gutemine, thanks for the advice. it’s ok, no problem. I understand you are only trying to help.

      Just done a number of editing to the terrestrial file that I had created and finally found the fault. No more green screen when I try to change the terrestrial provider in tuner configuration. Now have to wait for the delivery of the new antenna.
      Best Regards
    • Hi Everyone, I just did a new image flashing (Newnigma) and during the setup I did an auto scan and it’s able to scan for T2 channels. Looks like it needed to do a scan for T2 channels right from the beginning of the image flashing.
      I notice again the program’s titles in Epg of channel 8 & U are having funny symbols. These problem had caused all my timer recordings to fail previously. This is very important, please tell me how to restore it to read correctly? Very urgent. Please Help
      Thanks very much