Timer Recordings Started But Records Nothing

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    • Timer Recordings Started But Records Nothing

      Hi Everyone, I have a Dm7020Hdv2 with the latest image “newnigma2-ipk-weekly-dm7020hdv2-14_09_2018”. I have many timer recordings and had confirmed on the Lcd display that it had started doing the first recording yesterday. But today I check, none of the recordings was successful, there were only 3 files for each recording and the .ts file is 0Kb. Thanks & Best Regards
    • Hi Everyone, I had also notice the wording in the Epg for two channels (channel 8 & U as per attached picture) have appeared to be non-readable (funny signs). Was this the reason for the error in the timer recordings? Thanks & Best Regards
      • IMG_20180921_160158.jpg

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    • Hi Everyone, 3 of my timer recordings from 9pm onwards are not recording last night. When I try to check what is wrong, I found some of the shows in Epg in one of the Chinese channel are again appear in funny symbols (not english). I am not sure if this is the problem causing no recording.
      Please Help
      Thanks & Best Regards