Serie’s Title Appear in Funny Symbols in Epg

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    • Serie’s Title Appear in Funny Symbols in Epg

      Hi Everyone, I have a Dm7020Hdv2 with the latest image “newnigma2-ipk-weekly-dm7020hdv2-14_09_2018”. Since 3 days ago I had done a clean image reflash and one of the serie’s title wording in Channel U HD (2200-2300) is not in English but appear in funny symbols. This serie’s title is the same as the one showing at 2100 to 2200 but surprisingly it is not displaying the same title in English wordings. Another funny thing is this particular ChannelU in HD is actually showing the same series as the Channel U (not in HD), which is located at the last 3rd line and in this channel the Epg is displaying correctly in English.

      I only have the followings plugins installed,

      1. Startup to Standby
      2. Epg Reflash
      3. Vali-Flex Controller & Skin
      4. Epg Backup
      5. Enhanced Movie Center
      6. Yads.Hd Skin

      I had tried installing EPG Reflash and EPG Backup and MerlinEpg Centre but none is helping to display it correctly. Could it be a language driver that I need to install? Or any other driver?

      Please help

      Thanks & Best Regards