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      Hi here is a plugin for creating and build bouquets from IPTV providers

      Plugin is in a test fase for OE2.5 so would be nice with some test drivers.

      OK Now it has been 39 downloads and thats nice with so many testdriver but how about
      Som feedback? Just a WORKING or NOT Working :)

      Plugin works like this.

      How to use

      Install with attached .deb file

      The program works in one of two ways.

      1) Via a playlists.txt file. Where you can copy and paste all your playlist urls
      Now supports standard xtream iptv playlists, External Urls that return m3u playlists or Local MP3s

      Currently this playlists.txt file live here.

      you can change this file location to anywhere you like via the settings.

      2) or you can manually enter your details via the playlists/add playlist.

      You then need to create your channel bouquets.

      On creating a bouquet... playlists....Ok Button (TV button also works as an alternative)
      This will also then create a xmltv file for use with epg importer plugin

      Known Problems

      Some VOD categories are huge. This may take a long time to populate the list and look like your box has froze. If you are patient. It will eventually show all of them.
      (This really shouldn't be a problem anymore unless your VOD list is mammoth)

      This plugin uses the newer iptv api. Some older/crappier providers will not be compatible.
      In my testing only 3 out of 25 different world wide iptv providers i tested didn't use this newer api.
      (a work around to this is to load the playlist as an external m3u file)

      An invalid URL in your playlists.txt will slow down the initial load of playlists as it tries to validate its existance.
      It is recommended you remove/edit any broken URLs as soon as you have confirmed they are actually no longer active.

      Not Working / Not coded (yet)
      Built in player. Streams are viewed via bouquets only at the moment.

      If you use a script like this example copy the higlighted string and paste in to your playlists.txt
      If problem just change enigma22_script to m3u or if supported by provider m3u8
      Now the playlist is ready to use in Plugin

      wget -O /etc/enigma2/ "" && chmod 777 /etc/enigma2/ && /etc/enigma2/

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    • 10 downoads and not a single chrashlog ;) feedback is very important so we can improve the plugin
      Special if there is some issue but a confirmation that it also works are much appriciated also

      Here are som screenshoots:

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    • BigBoss1980 wrote:

      keine Epg Anzeige bei mir!
      You have to assign the right name to your IPTV Channels for EPG and Picons to work. This can be done easy by just change the name of your channels by removing names like DE DE: VIP and FHD
      But if your provider has EPG the Plugin makes a refferance and add it to your plugin EpgImporter so look there first and try importing EPG before changing channel names.

      Google translate:

      Sie müssen den Namen Ihrer IPTV-Kanäle so ändern, dass sie denselben Namen wie der ursprüngliche Kanal haben. Entfernen Sie Wörter wie DE DE: VIP FHD und dergleichen aus dem Kanalnamen. Sie können E-Channelizer auch verwenden, um epg an Ihre Kanäle oder ein ähnliches Programm anzupassen.

      Wenn Ihr IPTV-Anbieter über EPG verfügt, fügen Sie das Plugin in EpgImporter hinzu. Versuchen Sie also, den Kanalnamen zu ändern.