Manual multistream transponder 5.0W scan does not work with BCM45308

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    • Manual multistream transponder 5.0W scan does not work with BCM45308

      I think I found a Newnigma bug:
      For many days I could not complete a manual scan of the 11508H multistream transponder on 5.0W on my DM920 (equipped with BCM45308 FBC MS tuner).
      Correct provision of stream ID, PLS, modulation, etc. did not help! In my desperation, I added a dedicated 100cm dish giving 17,5+dB C/N. No luck with manual scan, blind scan, etc.
      The solution was to generate the satellites.xml file content for 5.0W from great source:, where those multistream parameters were already included.
      Then, to my surprise, full satellite scan easily revealed all missing multistream services. :thumbsup:
      1. I suspect a Newnigma UI bug related to provision of manual scan multistream parameters dialogue for BCM45308 tuner.
      2. The workaround is to include the multistream parameters in the satellites.xml itself.
      Hope this post was usefull for Fransat viewers. Please feel free to move this post to a better location.

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    • @Conroe00: Thank you for mentioning So far, I had to use manual search for multistream transponders. This worked quite well, also for transponder 11509H on 5.0W. However, filling in all the details is cumbersome. I've also a BCM45308 FBC MS tuner. Automatic search did never find any multistream channels. I will try with the satellites.xml from the mentioned source next time.
    • @Satory, Tnx for your kind feedback. Do you have any hint / idea, why I failed to perform the manual scan?
      Regarding settings - Tried them all (from several web sources) for 11509H. Zero services found. No clue what else might have been missing. At the end there are not so many parameters there to declare. Freq, polarisation, PLS method and code, stream id, symbol rate, fec...

      Hardware-wise, used port B only. I have a 4/1 Diseqc switch connected to port B of the tuner. For the test I even connected the tuner directly to the dedicated 5.0W dish, to eliminate any disqc switch timeout, crosstalk etc. hardware effects..
      I have not tried BCM45308 port A though, where I used to have my 13E Hotbird programmed.

      Now the Fransat services are found, but I do not feel comfortable regarding my unability to perform multistream manual scans for the future.
    • Thank you Satory - much appreciated! Was previously using same transponder parameters, except: 2nd port of the tuner, „Netzwerksuche” could be left on, and „Vor der Suche loeschen” was off. Maybe I should try again with Netzwerksuche off, as I dont remember if I touched this one.
      I was really missing a reference picture like yours when trying the Fransat for the first time.
      Thank you.