[gelöst] Dm900 with Newnigma 2 OE2.5 cable scan problem

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    • [gelöst] Dm900 with Newnigma 2 OE2.5 cable scan problem

      I have a Dm900 with OS2.5 Newnigma2 and I want to scan Ziggo Dutch channels but I can with (OS2.5) for Ziggo area: 474 Mhz, 6875 SR, QAM64-QAM256 find no more than 100 ziggo channels.
      I cannot set the Network ID (05555) anywhere.
      The OS2.5 Image from Dreambox clearly differs from the Images from OpenATV. There is no cable scan in it.
      Does anyone know why you can find 393 channels with OpenAtv 6.4 and only 50 with the original OE2.5 and only 90 with the Complete scan?
      In etc / tuxbox / there is no cable.xml.
      In the OpenAtv 6.4 it is in that place.
      I copy the cable.xml and put it in the DM900 with OS2.5 software (etc / tuxbox). Then a hard restart (switch off and on again).
      But unfortunately only 50 channels were found again.
      I used all kinds of Images based on OE2.5 and there I had the same problem that the DM900 found only black few channels.
      Images based on OE.2.2, the 393 channels were found.
    • I have done.
      I have in flash of my dm900 Newnigma2 OE2.5 en BarryAllen 12.81 with OpenAtv 6.4.
      I prefer Newnigma2 in flash but I must use BarryAllen om watch to Ziggo channels from BA - OpenAtv

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    • Issue sold! Just boot OpenATV. Connect DreamBoxEdit. Read the ChannelList and use the Save button to save the list on your PC. Reboot the box into OE2.5 in flash. Again connect to DreamBoxEdit. This time load the saved ChannelList into DreamBoxEdit. Next use "Send file to Dreambox". When succesful reboot Enigma2 and the list should be there.