Problem with NTFS formatted external drives(DreamONE)

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    • Problem with NTFS formatted external drives(DreamONE)

      Dear developers i have a problem with recording and playing in dreambox one. When i play Recorded Movies From Hdd Sometimes pauses randomly,
      I have to press the button to play it correctly !!

      When the number of almost forwards is higher, the intensity of dizziness will increase.

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    • In fact, I do not have any problems watching this channel live!
      Actually, I have a problem with playback on my hard drive.
      Unfortunately, after a few minutes of viewing the channel, the image will automatically pause unfortunately.
      Although I do not touch the remote control. It always pauses itself without touching anything like the remotes button.

      My problem with watching this channel is not broadcast live.It's just about playing back the recorded channels on my hard drive. (External HDD, NTFS Format)

      Anyways, this is a serious problem with the dreambox one model that is not typical in other models like dm920, dm900, dm520, dm820, dm7080, dm7020...
      So this issue should be fixed in dreambox one.

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