[gelöst] Tuner config Fail in DM900UHD

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    • [gelöst] Tuner config Fail in DM900UHD

      Hi there,

      Please let me start by wishing you all a merry xmas and best wishes for 2020 !
      Also, I want to thank the Newnigma Team for their valuable work.

      Unfortunately if I'm posting today it is to describe you what my problem is with the set up of my tuner.
      I used to use the machine with a A/B/C/D config behind a 17/8 Multiswitch which works perfectly !
      But I've recently added a fifth satellite so I had to adapt my installation with a DiseqC 1.1 (Spaun SUR 211 WSG) to "link" the fifth satellite to the other 4.
      In this configuration the Spaun SUR 211 WSG is set on "Uncommitted" position of course.

      Now, when I want to set up the tuner in Newnigma it leads to an impossibility of receiving the desired satellites.
      Please have in mind that I tried exactly the same construction on a DM8000 with OpenPLi 6.2 and I get it working smoothly !
      There is a small difference between the tuner config menu of the DM8000 and the DM900 (see screenshots) but I couldn't finf anything working...
      When setting up the tuner in Advanced mode on dm900, at "Commande DiseqC validée" and "Commande DiseqC non validée" it is quite different from the menu of OpenPLi. Maybe i set it up wrongly but I found no way to make it working...

      Hope you can hope :)
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    • Hello,

      i guess your setup is wrong. See the configuration backwards starting from the tuner input/output (HF in and Voltage/Tone out). The first switch is your SUR 211. He needs an uncommitted switch signal (Command DiSEqC non valide). To prevent difficulties you should connect the output of your 17/8 to SUR´s Input 1. Now you know the setting "Input 1" (Command DiSEqC non valide) means the line will be switched to your 17/8. What he needs is a signal to switch his 4 satellites. Therefore you should use "Command DiSEqC valide" with the values AA to BB. AA = satellite 1 on your 17/8, AB =satellite 2 and so on.
      If you use "Command DiSEqC non valide" = Input 2, your SUR will be switched to input 2 where your 5th LNB is. The SUR has a red switch, adjust it to "1st uncommitted switch".

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