Treiber für Wlan Stick: Chipsatz ist ein REALTEK 8192eu

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    • What I meant in post #11: if you had read the product information before buying, you would know that the dm900 has no build-in WiFi. But there is enough information on the web which USB-WiFi adpaters or chipsets are supported. It's a fact, that REALTEK 8192eu chipset is NOT supported by the manufacturer.

      apt get update && apt-cache search rtl

      will list the drivers provided by Dream Property for supported chipsets that can be installed online.

      If you think that this information on the manufacturers homepage is not sufficient, send an email to or complain about it in the official manufacturer support forum.

      This board is the wrong place for complaints.
      Gruß Fred

      Die Dreambox ist tot, es lebe die Dreambox
    • I found a very old usb wifi stick i bought many years ago at 3 € or 4 € "Ralink Technology Corp RT5370 wifi adapter"... I said to myslef let's give it a try et HOP ! it was recognized by the DM900 UHD ! Miracle... and problem solved

      thank all contributors

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