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    • Hi, I'd like to make a schedule for dreambox one. I have graphic ideas, but I don't know exactly xml S language. Is there anyone willing to cooperate for the New Skies? Deepblue2000 am I like the Skien nuke. Evo, or is it based on his base to make a new graphic robe?

      In the photos of my infubar project
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    • you can start with the windows tool: OpenSkinDesigner

      you can learn with drag/drop, there you can see the xml source to. then you start to understand the xml
      Probleme kann man niemals mit derselben Denkweise lösen.


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    • Keep in mind: If you want to make some infobars for Nuke.Evo, there are different sets of themes, switchable with MST. In some themes gradient backgrounds are used, in other themes rounded corners. And now the important thing: You CAN'T USE both of them. It's a limitation of Dr. Bests implementation of background gradients. Either gradients OR rounded corners :D

      Years ago, I started to paint the whole stuff in one background gfx with Photoshop to to avoid the limitations (skin "Nuke.FHD"), but repaint the whole stuff everytime a little bit has to be changed was boring me too much.

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    • Poems, the forceful drazings within the blackout of modifici skin. The order to change the alignment in mst is inclined by nistie. I see C see you in the chemago skin skin skin. xml

      Sorry about the language, but I use the translation.
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    • Well designed, but be prepared that users starts to response like "font is too small", "clock is too big" .... :prost:

      From my point of view:

      - You removed almost all technical infos like HbbTV and AC3 signalement, actual tuner infos (DVB-C/S/T, SAT position ...)
      - If you use colorizing of progress bars (PNGTheme with MST), only rectangles are possible. You started again to round up some things :lesen:
      - For me (!) instead all camd infos are completly useless. Either the channel is decrypting or not. I (read as: me, myself an I) need no infos about this :2Guns:
      - Such color gradients are a fingertype in Photoshop, but not for ePixmap, the aequivalent if you do it with XML
    • Add technical information to infobar is no problem. I like minimalism. My dreambox one with the graphics is doing fine. I currently treat it as fun. Inofbar no problem works at my place. Now the concept at channel selection.
      • channelselection.png

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