Oscam does not work properly on DM9x0

    • So dunno where it can come from...
      If I can help to investigate further please let me know :)

      [EDIT] With the help of Souldream :

      There was a weird bug. The log was corrupted under certain conditions so the config files must have been cleaned and defined on the minimum. The clock speeds had to be forced for ATR and ISO 7816 on both cards (voo & telesat).

      The behaviour of the drivers looked weird ; 1 ecm worked and the next was corrupted as a timeout on the reader !

      And card RESET necessary...

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    • plkw wrote:

      Alright, I finally got away with it !
      I have now a perfectly working oscam !
      FIY There was/is obviously a problem with the version of Oscam that NN² provides as the one self-compiled is working completely fine !
      Not sure where the bug is located but as you provide an Oscam version with emu maybe it comes from there...
      In eihter case it would be interesting to review the Oscam provided through the image NN²...
      Cheers !
      Hi, I have exactly the same problem on my DM920 with VOO. Which version are you using to solve this problem? Thank you