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    • [Plugin] SEDUSetupTool

      Dreambox ONE, DM920UHD, DM900UHD, DM820HD HDD + USB-HUB, Stick 64GB, USB-HDD, Wireless Touch Keyboard K400r, Wlan-Stick 11n
      (Flash) DP-OE2.6 (BAXII) eigenes OE2.6, debian-buster, Diverse
      (Flash) DP-OE2.5 (BAXII) eigenes OE2.5-e2+kodi+X, debian-stretch, Diverse
      AudioDSP: miniDSP 2x4HD
      TV: LG 65" SUHD
      Hyperion und Plugin HyperionControl auf der Dreambox One
      nodeMCU ESP8266 mit WLED Wlan 268 LED's SK6812-NW 60 LED/m

      Ambilight for ever