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      Hi there

      Box: dm900uhd
      Image Last NN2

      i allways used Enigma TV IPTV Generator to import my IPTV M3U file to dm900 Bouquet, works perfect, connect lokal to Box 192.168....., choose m3u, send to box, done
      works allways perfect

      Now, my box crashed 3 days ago, so i reinstalled all new as it was, all works fine as it was, FTP to box work, putty works, webif works, all works perfect
      the only thing is i dont get a connecten again from Enigma Tv IPTV Generator(PC) to BOX, he allways say Connection is mandatory, means no connection to box
      IPTV Generator reinstalled, fail
      Router restart, fail
      direct connet via cable, fail
      also tryed with laptop to connect to get answer if my PC is the problem, fail

      the owner of enigma tv is not reachable, also enigma tv forum is not able to login there to ask so i ask here now

      Anyone had maybe same problem too?
      do i need to install anything on dm900 to get connection

      i dont want to use dreamedit to put every single iptv stream to bouquet
      dreamset i also tryed, im to stupid to import whole m3u to bouquet
      IPTV Gernerator allways worked perfet, choose m3u, import, done
      i realy dont know what to do anymore

      im happy 4 every helping answer


      or is there another easy way to simply import m3u iptv to bouquet on dreambox?

      i dont want to use media portal or kodi or any other plugin, gets to complicated for my girlfriend
      i want iptv stream in my Bouquets