[DM920] Tuner limitation ?

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    • [DM920] Tuner limitation ?


      I use a Triple Tuner Hybrid in my DM920 and so far it gives me a lot of satisfaction ! Unless on 1 specific situation !

      If I want to record a MultiStream Channel (dvb-s) while watching another channel (different TP but dvb-s too) in standard mode it is impossible :mauer:

      However I can record and watch 2 different channels in MultiSream (on 2 different TP). ?(

      Is it due to some limitations of the tuner ?

      Thank you in advance for your helping contribution ;)
    • Could you give an example for affected Sat and Transponders? I assume most of the German users will not be able to test this as there are no few unencrypted Multistream channels broadcasted to central Europe at the moment.

      Edit: I just wanted to share that only few people care for multistream ;)

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    • Hi guys,

      I was about to write you exactly the issues when I first made sure all my settings were ok.
      And there I realized that some settings were changed (not by myself ; I suspect some bug) in my tuner config. I don't know why but I had many "un-set" parameters such as "Committed, Uncommitted" instead of "Uncommitted, Committed, Toneburst" and some LNB in Input 1 instead of in Input 2.

      After I re-installed all settings right it's working just fine !

      However there's 1 thing that I found weird and I don't know if it's normal :

      If Tuner the Hybrid Triple tuner is installed on Upper Slot and,
      if the 1st dvb-s is set on Active (while second dvb-s and dvb-c are inactive) and,
      if I only connect a coax cable to Input 1,
      Then I have no signal ! No matter which channel I try.

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