Flash erweitern

    • The backup of my flashimage is still runing. We'll know more in about 30 minutes - but I am confident

      I don't like to post dangerous commands without having tested them on bare metal :D

      @gutemine already posted this command in the past. But I could not find it. Probably it was lost with the OoZooN board
      Gruß Fred

      Die Dreambox ist tot, es lebe die Dreambox
    • That is great to know, thanks again and wise of you not to post the command line before it's been tested. I also searched extensively before asking about the command so I was pretty confident it could’t be found anywhere on the internet :) Too bad important information like this got lost with the closing of the OoZooN board. This time I will store the command line locally (fingers crossed the Newnigma2 board and the Merlin Board which is presently being reorganised will remain available for many years to come :) ) if I ever need to repartition again.

      I'm also now back to 1 gb :)

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