DM One update bug WIFI

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    • DM One update bug WIFI

      After update of Dreambox One, Newnigma2 now cann not connect to desired network
      through WiFi. If you restart box, it is connecting to self selective network, but
      if you switch to desired network nit is not connecting.
      Someone can advise any solution or to whom and how it must be addressed.

      In addition
      After update it is very difficult to connect
      to pc via webif, with IP address, practically impossible.
      Before update all was working well.
      I don't know exactly which update cause the problems, I didn't use
      my Dreambox One Ultra for long time, may be 7 months,
      and now 1 week ago, when I used it again I decide to update
      through blue bottom - Newnigma2 Services/Manage additional software/Dist Upgrade.
      Than problems start.