Help with OSCAM on DM800SE (clone) and other question...

  • Help with OSCAM on DM800SE (clone) and other question...



    I am new to this forum and wanted to ask for some help if possible.

    First a question:
    1. I use a DM800SE (clone), can I download the latest image from your site and use it on my clone system? I downloaded my image file a long time ago (I think it is from 2017).

    2. What happens if I use the DM800SEV2 image instead of the DM800SE image, will it still work? What is the difference?

    Regarding OSCAM
    1. I have a DM800SE (clone) and I run Newnigma2 (from 2017 I think).
    2. I downloaded the latest OSCAM ipk from your website to the correct place through FTP and then installed it through the Dreambox GUI (I read that it needs to be transfered binary through FTP or it could be corrupted but I could get it to install so it should be ok I hope).
    3. I copied the .server and .conf files to correct place through FTP.
    4. I changed CAM to OSCAM through Dreambox GUI.

    Do I need to do something different? I use iDreamX software on MacOS to do everything.