Uncommitted DiSEqC switch issue

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    • Uncommitted DiSEqC switch issue

      Hi here,

      Lately my EMP-Centauri S4/1PCT-W2 switch doesn't seemed to be working anymore. I've first thought about an error in my settings.
      I've checked it more than once and everything seemed to me normal (see below).
      So I then thought about a hardware failure so I've tried with a second switch (same ref) but it didn't change anything.
      I'm using a SPAUN SUR 211 WSG (basically the same sort of switch) on the second tuner of the Dreambox and it works fine.
      So, in order to exclude the tuner slot, I've inverted the inputs but it results to the same issue.

      As at this point it appeared to me quite obvious that the issue is to be found on EMP-Centauri' side, I've written to them to check if my settings were ok. Which they confirmed me.

      They suggested me that it could come from the image I'm using as I'm not using the official Dreambox image.
      I must say I don't really believe in that but why not to ask you about it... ?
      Was there any changes at that level in the last couple of months ? (I don't remember when I updated NewNigma² but I remember I didn't do it since a couple of months and as the first tuner was working fine with the Spaun, I probably didn't realize immediately when the second tuner didn't operate as it should with the EMP-Centauri switch).
      Do you think NewNigma² could be part of the issue, here ?

      Thank you in advance for your kind support :)

      NB: The only satellite I manage to receive is LNB 1 from multiswitch over uncommitted Input 1 (AA). (See image (6))

      Here is the config :

      LNB 1* (input 1) = Hotbird 13
      LNB 2 *(input 1) = Astra 19
      LNB 3 *(input 1) = Astra 23,5
      LNB 4 *(input 1) = Astra 28
      LNB 5 (input 2) = Eutelsat 5W

      *Over a 4 SAT multiswitch.
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    • EMP-Centauri S4/1PCT-W2 is a DISEqC Switch (DISEqC AA/AB/BA/BB), and not Uncommited Switch.

      SPAUN SUR 211 turn of "Uncommited Switch 1"
      SPAUN SUR 211 => "Receiver" output => Receiver Tuner imput
      To "Multiswitch" output => SPAUN SUR 211 imput "LNB1"
      LNB 5 => SPAUN SUR 211 imput "LNB2"
      IHAD Teammember
    • cepheus wrote:

      EMP-Centauri S4/1PCT-W2 is a DISEqC Switch (DISEqC AA/AB/BA/BB), and not Uncommited Switch.
      Thank you for your feedback cepheus :)

      Maybe I expressed myself inaccurately but I'm using that switch in DiSEqC 1.1 mode.
      As you can see on this illustration from the manufacturer it does support it (see attachment)

      cepheus wrote:

      SPAUN SUR 211 turn of "Uncommited Switch 1"
      SPAUN SUR 211 => "Receiver" output => Receiver Tuner imput
      To "Multiswitch" output => SPAUN SUR 211 imput "LNB1"
      LNB 5 => SPAUN SUR 211 imput "LNB2"

      For what concerns the SPAUN switch, I've got it working with the shared settings (exactly how you suggested to).
      My issue isn't with the SPAUN. It works with it.
      My issue is with the EMP...
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    • You should use your Multiswitch and the Spaun SUR 211. Your multiswitch is a committed 4/1 switch (with outputs for several receivers), the EMP-Centauri also is a committed switch. Two committed switches in one line don´t work. The Spaun SUR 211 is able to work with uncommitted DiSeqc-signals. That´s what you need, different signals for different switches. Set the SUR to "uncommitted", connect your multiswitch-output to SUR´s input 1. Your 5th LNB could you connect directly to SURs input 2. Or if you want to add further LNBs, then connect the EMPs output to SURs input 2. In that case you need for the EMP the AA to BB settings. Is only Atlantic Bird on SUR´s output 2, then is AA to BB without meaning. SUR´s output goes to your receiver.

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    • Thank you Bastelmaxe but I don't need to be helped with setting up the Spaun SUR. As I wrote already several times, the SPAUN SUR is working fine. :)
      The question is not to know if I should use the Spaun or the EMP. I need them both. ;)
      I just need the EMP to work exactly as the SPAUN (which it is supposed to do as I believe the documentation & the support team of EMP-Centauri)... :mauer:
    • As I mentioned already, I have only 1 SUR and it is connected to tuner 1 already

      Where do you see 2 committed switched on 1 line here ?
      On the picture, that switch is exactly connected like the SUR but goes to tuner 2 ;)
    • Try to see your installation backward from your receivers LNB-input. The receiver sends voltage, a 22 kHz tone and different diseqc commands.

      Your multiswitch is a classical committed switch (16/x). He will be managed with the commands AA to BB. The switch on the picture is a DiSEqC universal 4/1 switch. He is also a committed switch and is
      managed with AA to BB too. When the receiver sends a DiSEqC-command, then can AA to BB be used only one time in a sequence (sent by the receiver). Your first switch (Universal) gets the uncommitted command and ignores it because he is not able to deal with. He stays on input 1 and he lets the second part of the sequence pass through. That´s why you can deal with LNB 1-4.

      Like i wrote before, if you want to add further LNBs, then you need a different switch who is managed with other commands than AA to BB. This switch is a uncommitted switch like the SUR 211. When a DiSEqC-sequence arrives, he will react on the uncommitted part (LNB 1-16) and your AA to BB can manage one or several further LNBs.