Info about Newnigma firmware and other

    • Info about Newnigma firmware and other

      It's long time i load Newnigma (last loaded available is 01/09/2022 fw) in my DB DM900UHD i don't know but this newnigma fw is full DB operating or partially?
      I mean that newnigma only workaround the graphic of DB example with best skins, or others features or delete and overwrite 100% the original DB (Dream multimedia) fw totally?
      I have a problem of signal reception from lnb (SCR) VENTON BL SCR that every time i turn on (off mode) the signal is not tuned but only after 2 or 3 minutes the channel is visible
      on screen (black with parabolic dish flashing icon on the up right side) appear "failed tuning" soon after 2 seconds the channel is visible.
      This problem appear ONLY if the DB is turned off at least 10 minutes if i turn off and on soon tried also a sequence of 4 or 5 times turn off and soon on the channel is visible immediately after the fw is loaded (visible after the full bar on the dm900 display).
      The parabolic dish is steady to hot bird not move and the selected channel is on Hot bird but the parabolic dish flashing icon appear as the dish is moving but really don't move.
      My equipment:
      Parabolic dish 90 cm diameter
      Parabolic dish rotor STAB H-H 100
      VENTON LNB (SCR) BL-SCR (new)

      Firmware problem?

      A crash log appear on the screen if while this black screen i change channel.

      Please let me know

      thank you :)

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