interesant bug ?

    • interesant bug ?

      I downloaded the image for the DM920, and when flashing it says that I have an unsupported machine
      Ich habe das Image für den DM920 heruntergeladen und beim Flashen wird mir angezeigt, dass ich einen nicht unterstützten Computer habe…5-dm920-09_05_2023.tar.xz

      Source Code

      1. [*] Remounting '/dev/mmcblk0p3' to '/data'
      2. [*] Creating ext4 filesystem 'dreambox-rootfs' on /dev/mmcblk0p2
      3. mke2fs 1.43-WIP (18-May-2015)
      4. Discarding device blocks: 4096/253952 done
      5. Creating filesystem with 253952 4k blocks and 63488 inodes
      6. Filesystem UUID: 53a2073b-4b77-4feb-9395-cff36b6817a7
      7. Superblock backups stored on blocks:
      8. 32768, 98304, 163840, 229376
      9. Allocating group tables: 0/8 done
      10. Writing inode tables: 0/8 done
      11. Creating journal (4096 blocks): done
      12. Writing superblocks and filesystem accounting information: 0/8 done
      13. [*] Mounting '/dev/mmcblk0p2' to '/mnt'
      14. [*] Extracting '/tmp/MrDOHg' to '/mnt'
      15. [*] Mounting '/dev' to '/mnt/dev'
      16. [*] Mounting '/proc' to '/mnt/proc'
      17. [*] Mounting '/run' to '/mnt/run'
      18. [*] Mounting '/sys' to '/mnt/sys'
      19. [*] Mounting '/tmp' to '/mnt/tmp'
      20. update-alternatives: error: cannot append to '/var/log/alternatives.log': No such file or directory
      21. Fatal: Unsupported machine!
      22. Fatal: Failed to run kernel-image.postinst
      23. [*] Unmounting '/mnt/tmp'
      24. [*] Unmounting '/mnt/sys'
      25. [*] Unmounting '/mnt/run'
      26. [*] Unmounting '/mnt/proc'
      27. [*] Unmounting '/mnt/dev'
      28. [*] Unmounting '/mnt
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      The box starts up, but when setting it up, it restarts again in rescue mode
      Die Box startet zwar, beim Einrichten startet sie aber wieder im Rettungsmodus neu

      Source Code

      1. CPU 01
      2. Dreambox DM920
      3. AVS init...
      4. AVS init OK
      5. AVS load:select_image: addr_offset: 00051000 part_offset: 00000000 bootStatus: 2a002b00
      6. AVS load_code offset =00051000
      7. LOADED
      8. AVS: overtemp mon ON
      9. ...
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      Dreambox 7020HD , 500HD , 7020S , 500S + Gibertini OP100 /50W~90E/
    • Fullbackup meiner DM 820 HD

      see post #4

      You can also try to flash the image from usb

      create a FAT32 partiton on an usb drive labeled 'DREAMFLASH'
      copy the .tar.gz image file to the usb device and rename it to 'dreambox-image-dm920.tar.xz'

      plugin the device, reboot the dreambox and press the sensor on the front side - the flashing process should start automaticly within a few seconds.

      If flashing was successfull try to update the rescue loader described in post #4 in above linked thread

      if it was not possible try to boot the rescue loader from an usb device:
      Dreambox OE2.5 Recovery DM520/525 DM820 DM900 DM920 DM7080 (+ USB Recovery)

      If the loader was booted from usb you can try to flash the image via Webinterface as usual or you can update the loader manually.

      But never try to update the loader when booted from the rescuelader installed on the box!
      Gruß Fred

      Die Dreambox ist tot, es lebe die Dreambox


      Source Code

      1. root@dm920:~$ mount | grep "/ "
      2. /dev/mmcblk1p1 on / type ext4 (rw,relatime,data=ordered)
      3. root@dm920:~$
    • Hi @ all

      I have the same problem because of
      Fatal: Unsupported machine!
      Fatal: Failed to run kernel-image.postinst
      but without "the box starts up, but when setting it up, it restarts again in rescue mode".

      I think it has to do with the last update of the Newnigma2 image.
      I tested several ways to do this.

      1. When I import a backup from Newnigma2 this error comes up.
      2. When I import a fresh version of Newnigma2 (newnigma2-deb-weekly-OE2.5-dm920-09_05_2023.tar.xz) this error also occurs.
      3. If I import a fresh version of Newnigma2 that is older than an update, everything works.
      4. If I play the original Dreamboximage, everything works.

      If this error occurs, the current image is still imported, but the said error occurs and it is then no longer possible, for example, to flash a rescue image.

      It would be nice if someone could take a look.
      I think there was a bug in the last update.

      Best regardsMarcel