2 GB Flash (root) für DM920

    • 2 GB Flash (root) für DM920

      Have problem to change space system :

      My machine is dm920 rev 1:

      Device & Versions
      Device Name:dm920
      Dreambox OS Version:4.3.3r3-2021-10-29
      Image Version:Newnigma2-daily 2023-05-09
      Frontprocessor Version:VNone
      Webinterface Version:1.9.0

      I use 2 GB Flash (root) für DM9x0, DM820, DM7080



      Source Code

      1. Source Code
      2. update-rescue -v http://www.dreamboxupdate.com/opendreambox/2.5/unstable/images/dm920/zImage-rescue-3.14-r0-dm920-20201201.bin

      But is no work receive Fatal: Unsupported machine!

      You have more information


      Source Code

      1. root@dm920:~$ update-rescue -v http://www.dreamboxupdate.com/opendreambox/2.5/unstable/images/dm920/zImage-rescue-3.14-r0-dm920-20201201.bin
      2. Fatal: Unsupported machine!
    • the flash-scripts in latest images are corrupt (ony one, two and seven are supported)


      after flashing via webinterface you have to flash the kernel separatly when bootet from the rescue-loader. The rescue-loader includes the correct flash-scripts for dm9x0.

      -> OE2.5: Rückmeldungen zum weekly Image für DM920UHD

      to update or reinstall the rescue-lader you have to boot the rescue-loader from usb or tftp. Then it is also possible to update the loader in flash memory.
      But never update the rescue-loader when booted from the loader in flash!
      Gruß Fred

      Die Dreambox ist tot, es lebe die Dreambox


      Source Code

      1. root@dm920:~$ mount | grep "/ "
      2. /dev/mmcblk1p1 on / type ext4 (rw,relatime,data=ordered)
      3. root@dm920:~$
    • Well, I made a flash with another image :( No from Newnigma2, after I was able to extend the disk space as I wanted, as I was in installation I only lost Time and no data thank you for your help, I hope you quickly resolver the problems and there I could use your system in all security.