Nice backup to "nfi" on DM8000

    • Nice backup to "nfi" on DM8000

      This is an info post only....

      I just tried a tool from "FERRARI"

      The readme has this text...

      1. set the DM8000 in standby
      2. copy the the files (buildimage,, mkfs.jffs2) to /usr/bin
      3. Change fileattributet to 755 on this files

      To make a .nfi Image off your DM8000 to hdd
      Start a telnet session against your DM8000 and write: /media/hdd

      Exempel Telnet window
      root@dm8000pvr ~ # /media/hdd
      dm8000pvr found
      download secondstage-dm8000pvr-76.bin
      create boot.jffs2
      create root.jffs2
      create secondstage
      create dm600pvr nfi-image
      nfi-image create on /media/hdd/backup_image_dm8000pvr20071007.nfi
      root@dm8000pvr ~ #

      Backup is finished (it takes about 10-15 minutes)

      I however found a bug and corrected it in my version of the script (the mount command pointed to an nonexistent device). Also it's not totally automatic to get a new "secondstage" file. The one used is "76". After the bug fix in she shell script it created the NFI image correctly.