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      Die Newbie Tutorial von skywatcher:

      Source Code

      1. Changelog:
      3. - added sorted list for delete satellite option in context menu
      4. - added volume up to 200% for streaming player
      5. - improved stripping of ANSI escape sequences from telnet prompt
      6. - improved parsing of marker entries
      7. - fixed reading bouquets file with invalid entries
      8. - fixed non-working update check
      9. - OpenSSL security updates
      11. - added eServiceUri support
      12. - added autoscrolling on moving profiles
      13. - added moving multiple profiles at once
      14. - added switch on/off service type indicators without restart
      15. - added scaling factor 200%
      16. - improved write all linebreaks as Unix(LF) not Windows(CRLF)
      17. - improved MIS/PLS handling
      18. - improved error messages
      19. - fixed initial default pathes
      20. - fixed issues with path selection dialog
      21. - fixed some uncommon bug when writing markers (introduced by last update)
      22. - fixed assign and remove of picons in main service list
      23. - fixed OpenSSL libraries (x64 files were missing)
      24. - fixed not properly working function "Mark services not in Userbouquets with flag X"
      25. - fixed error on export of bouquets/services
      26. - fixed skipping of some completely invalid formed bouquet entries of some IPTV providers
      27. - fixed satellites.xml editor (transponders weren't deleteable if confirmation questions were disabled)
      28. - fixed website links
      29. - some GUI improvements
      30. - OpenSSL security updates
      31. - language file updates
      33. - added option to disable service type indicators in front of servicenames (options panel GUI)
      34. - added new cleanup function for local picon directory (removes all picons not found in any user bouquet)
      35. Note: the other option removes only picons not found in both lamedb AND user bouquets
      36. - added High-DPI support / scaling natively without losing sharpness
      37. - added scaling factors 100%, 125%, 150% and auto (depends on system setting)
      38. Note: this will override the font size selection which is now only used on 100% factor
      39. - added 64-bit build of dreamboxEDIT
      40. Note: use VLC 32-bit for standard and VLC 64-bit for x64 version of dreamboxEDIT
      41. - improved dreamboxEDIT installer: new accessibility options (high contrast mode, scaling mode)
      42. - improved automatic VLC path detection for use with 32-bit/64-bit dreamboxEDIT/VLC at the same time
      43. - improved manually set VLC path is now separately saved for 32-bit/64-bit VLC
      44. - fixed writing hidden/numbered markers (some invalid descriptions were written before)
      46. - added support for real hidden markers (#SERVICE 1:832:d:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:)
      47. - fixed autoexpand of provider bouquetlist when using create bouquet from context menu
      48. - fixed dreamboxEDIT installer, remove all files properly on uninstall
      50. - added support for editing of non-TS streaming services with full reference
      51. - added copying of existing service reference to an IPTV service (hold down CTRL while using drag&drop)
      52. - added rename of IPTV services to context menu
      53. - added automatic IPTV service name formating
      54. - added picon support for streaming services with full reference
      55. - added picon setting for using 4097_... service ref for filename (if needed)
      56. - added service type indicators (SD, HD, UHD, H.265, Radio, Data) in front of servicenames
      57. - added more filter options (SD, HD[H.265], UHD[H.265], DVB-T2)
      58. - added support for DVB-T2 (only cosmetic changes, older versions already work with DVB-T2)
      59. - added support for DVB-S2 modulations 16APSK and 32APSK
      60. - added support for multistream MIS/PLS (fully editable in satellites.xml editor, service details, transponder edit)
      61. - added playback of IPTV streams
      62. - added automatic replace of invalid polarization values (some satellites.xml use polarization L/R instead of 2/3)
      63. - added copyable service reference with colons to service details
      64. - added insert hidden marker to context menu (enable fastscan/hidden marker support first in options panel advanced)
      65. - added support for unknown services in userbouquets (includes former known subservices) (options panel advanced)
      66. - added experimental option to save lamedb5 format (OpenPLi)
      67. - added configurable buffer size for streaming player (options panel GUI)
      68. - updated streaming player
      69. Note: VLC 2.2.4 is recommended (32-bit only), any other version may or may not result in error messages
      70. - improved crypto icon (encrypted services) in front of servicenames
      71. - improved reading speed on userbouquet switch
      72. - improved picon resizing speed
      73. - improved marker visualization
      74. - improved Wine compatibility (Wine 1.8.3 recommended)
      75. - improved compatibility with "Parallels Desktop for Mac" coherence mode
      76. - dropped support for obsolete settings format 3
      77. - re-enabled the export of terrestrial services/bouquets in Excel readable format
      78. - fixed hiding of alternatives view after reading new lamedb
      79. - fixed removing alternatives if a service is removed from all bouquets
      80. - fixed user bouquet import with hidden markers
      81. - fixed rendering of disabled menu items
      82. - fixed memory exception when copying IPTV services from one dreamboxEDIT session to another one
      83. - many GUI improvements (including the new MetroUI standard skin)
      84. - language file updates, added missing ones to setup exe file
      85. - minor fixes
      86. - fixed dreamboxEDIT installer, now the registry is cleaned properly on uninstall again
      87. Note: before reporting any bugs, please try to uninstall first if you experience any issues
      88. if you experience any issues with the file open dialog, switch to the old style dialog (options panel general)
      90. - added service type 31 (HEVC digital television service) to TV defaults (options panel advanced)
      91. - added new filter option for H.265 services
      92. - fixed new AlterMetro 2016 skin
      94. - fixed update check
      96. - added support for non-TS streaming services with full reference
      97. - added new AlterMetro 2016 skin
      98. - added Latvian translation
      99. - forced old style path selection dialog for Wine
      100. - fixed multiple selections in bouquetlist
      101. - fixed paste of IPTV services from clipboard with full reference
      102. - OpenSSL security updates
      104. - improved hints placement
      105. - added Lithuanian translation
      106. - language file updates
      107. - OpenSSL security updates
      108. - updated IP stack
      110. - added support for AAC PID cache (PLi format)
      111. - added new Windows 10 skin
      112. - fixed service name alignment
      113. - fixed problems under Windows Vista introduced by the Windows security update KB3057839
      114. - OpenSSL security updates
      116. - fixed supported marker length with unicode characters
      117. - fixed configurable background color for transparent picons
      118. - improved hints timings
      119. - OpenSSL security updates
      120. - some GUI improvements
      121. - changed support email address
      123. - fixed update check
      124. - OpenSSL security updates
      125. - some GUI improvements
      126. - language file updates
      128. - fixed missing transponder parameters when comparing services
      129. - fixed missing package name UTF-8 conversion in hint details list
      130. - fixed integer error on namespace calculation
      132. - added renaming of bouquets with CTRL+R
      133. - fixed parsing of corrupted lamedb entries
      134. - fixed unicode issues when saving bouquetnames on some systems
      135. - improved Wine compatibility (Wine 1.6.2 recommended)
      136. - OpenSSL security updates
      137. - some GUI improvements
      138. - language file updates
      140. - fixed UTF-8 conversion errors on copy&paste of services/markers
      141. - some GUI improvements
      143. - fixed dreamboxEDIT 4.x.x.x profiles import on first clean startup
      144. - fixed minimizing bug on some systems
      146. - added full unicode support (cyrillic, greek, arabic, chinese, japanese and many more characters)
      147. - added IPv6 support (no telnet available, so some options are also disabled on IPv6)
      148. - added SSL/TLS support (HTTPS and FTPS [only explicit mode])
      149. - added support for data directory per profile with fallback to a global data directory
      150. - added support for streaming services with URL length up to 1000 characters
      151. - added support for new PID cache format (AAC, HE-AAC and AC3+) (DMM and PLi format)
      152. - added support for fastscan / hidden markers (#SERVICE 1:320:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:) (options panel advanced)
      153. - added new filter options for HD and SD (H.264) services
      154. - added parental control file (blacklist/whitelist) reload on service list reload (mode=4)
      155. - added configurable font size for main window lists
      156. - added support for manually added flags to lamedb with length of 1 byte
      157. - added support for display of 50x30 and 220x132 picon size
      158. - added highspeed picon resizing algorithm
      159. - added configurable skin brightness
      160. - added options for hiding toolbar and statusbar
      161. - added completly new video tutorials
      162. - added fullscreen video streaming
      163. Note: VLC 2.1.3 is recommended, any other version may or may not result in error messages
      164. - added EPG for currently streamed service
      165. - fixed missing mode=3 (satellites.xml) on auto reload
      166. - fixed error after editing cable transponder data
      167. - improved Wine compatibility (runs on Linux and Mac)
      168. - improved FTP up-/download speed
      169. - general GUI speed improvements
      170. - language file updates
      171. - minor fixes
      172. - code cleanup
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    • Hallo
      Kann kein Profil speichern. Beim Programmstart zeigt mir Fehler Meldung wegen SSL.
      Habe alles richtig konfiguriert, die Verbindung zur Dream 7020 Hd besteht und das Benutzer und Passwort stimmen auch.Nutze Windows 8.1

      Danke für Unterstützung.
      ?( :tischkante:
    • Danny wrote:

      Kann kein Profil speichern. Beim Programmstart zeigt mir Fehler Meldung wegen SSL.
      Habe alles richtig konfiguriert, die Verbindung zur Dream 7020 Hd besteht und das Benutzer und Passwort stimmen auch.Nutze Windows 8.1

      Danke für Unterstützung.
      ?( :tischkante:

      ...das gleiche Problem bei mir, ich versuch jetzt mal, die Registry zu säubern :)

      Yep, schon hat es funktioniert !!
      Grüsse von waker
      Wavefrontier T90 auf 9 E, 13 E, 19.2 E, 28.2 E
      Newnigma2 v. 4.0.6

      The post was edited 1 time, last by waker ().

    • dhwz wrote:

      Und ihr verwendet die Wirklich? Ansonsten hätte ich gern mal einen Screenshot davon, weil das Problem eigentlich schon gefixt wurde.

      ...bei mir ist jetzt alles ok, nachdem ich die Registry von allen alten Dreamboxedit-Einträgen befreit habe :)
      Grüsse von waker
      Wavefrontier T90 auf 9 E, 13 E, 19.2 E, 28.2 E
      Newnigma2 v. 4.0.6
    • Hallo zusammen,kann mir einer erklären was das für eine Fehlermeldung ist

      Reload der lamedb und Userbouquets erfolgreich.
      Reload der satellites.xml fehlgeschlagen, Mode 3 wird von ihrer Box nicht unterstützt.
      Reload der blacklist fehlgeschlagen, Mode 4 wird von ihrer Box nicht unterstützt.
    • Kann man dem Tool irgendwie beibringen, daß es das in Windows eingestellte Farbschema übernimmt? für mich als sehbehinderter Mensch ist die nutzung dieses Tools unmöglich! Ich seh da garnichts, da ich völlig geblendet bin. Daher hätte ich gerne schwarzen Hintergrund und weiße Schrift.

      Irgendwie ist es neue Mode, daß Windows Farbschema zu übergehen.

      Vieleicht kann man da ja was machen.

    • du kannst nur die Skins ausprobieren über Extras,

      Neutral, Pulsar, Windows8

      vielleicht die mal testen

      oder du testet mal den E-Channelizer, der hat dunkle screens
      [PC-APP] E-Channelizer | 2.4.0
      nur ob der den gleichen funktionsumfang hat, weiss ich nicht
      Probleme kann man niemals mit derselben Denkweise lösen.


      "Die Deutsche Rechtschreibung ist Freeware, sprich, du kannst sie kostenlos nutzen.
      Allerdings ist sie nicht Open Source, d.h. du darfst sie nicht verändern oder in veränderter Form veröffentlichen."
    • dreamboxEDIT [Support/Download]

      Ich schau mal ob ich eines von den schwarzen Skins verwenden kann. Bisher gab's da immer Darstellungsfehler.
      Bin eh gerade dabei High-DPI Support einzubauen, also größere Darstellung wenn man die Windowseinstellung z.B. auf 150% stehen hat.
    • Schwarzes Skin wäre natürlich traumhaft! Zu der Skalierung kannich natürlich (noch) nichts sagen. Ich nutze derzeit 200%. Das liegt halt am 27" Monitor, der eine solch große Auflösung hat, das ich so arbeiten muss. Für das Dreambox-Tool "DCC" muss ich diese aber z.B. immer auf 175% zurück stellen.