default-FHD tweaking

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    • default-FHD tweaking

      I made a few modifications of the default-FHD skin to enlarge font size that was too small for eyses (I'm using 42" TV located at quite long distance).
      I modified screen names: "ChannelSelection" & "EventView" and the result was OK.
      Any font size paramater will always be a personal choice of course but maybe the EventView screen could be updated in Newnigma software for all as I did, to offer more text on the screen?
      Please have a look at the attached file and how the result looks like.

      where can I find a file allowing me to modify the packet manager screen (frame size, font sizes)?
      In Full HD default screen the list of packages is really small (screen shot attached).
      • epg description.jpg

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      • packet manager.jpg

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      • EventView.xml

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