Not Fully at Standby Mode

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    • Not Fully at Standby Mode

      Hi Everyone, the recent Newnigma image seem not putting my Dm7020Hdv2 to full standby mode. In my last daily timer I have set to standby which end at 0020hrs. When I wake up in the morning, I notice on the top of the Stb, blue & red lights are lighted (in past experiences, this happen when Stb freeze or hang) and the root/harddisk is still connected to the network. The only sign showing it is in standby mode is the front display that is totally off. Please help.
      Thanks very much
    • Witch Pulgins are additional installed?
      Do you use a actually Weekly Images from our source or frome somewhere else?
      I do not can reproduce it on my 2 old DM7020HD and DM7020HDv2. For me it looks that a 3rd Party Plugin not working properly.
      I use EPGRefresh, FritzCall, and a few others.

      Best regards

      Alisha Manuela
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    • Hi Alisha, Thanks for the quick reply.

      The plugin that are installed are as follows,

      1. Enhanced Movie Center
      2. Startup to standby
      3. Samba Config Editor
      4. Vali.Hd Flex Skin
      5. Dflash
      6. Nfs Editor
      7. Yads Hd Skin

      All image updates are from Newnigma which will alert me when there is an update.