Sd card

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    • HowTo: Anleitung zum Newnigma2 Image (OE2.5 basiert und neuer)

      Joey (translated by deepL Translator) wrote:

      How do I use an SD card?
      (only DM7080, DM9x0, ONE; the SD card reader of the DM820 is disabled in the driver and cannot be used at the moment)

      The SD card is blacklisted in the device manager and must be mounted manually:
      - Format card in ext4: mkfs.ext4 -L sd /dev/mmcblk1p1
      - on the console: blkid
      Output looks like this: /dev/mmcblk1p1: LABEL="sd" UUID="5aa5fb10-2326-4033-b821-71c2f349fd51" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="000c7755-01"

      Create directory per: mkdir /media/sdcard
      Copy the UUID from the output above to an entry in /etc/fstab according to the following pattern

      /dev/disk/by-uuid/5aa5fb10-2326-4033-b821-71c2f349fd51 /media/sdcard auto auto,nofail 0 0

      2nd solution:
      to whitelist the SD-Card in the device manager you have to install the plugin enigma2-plugin-extensions-userscripts offline.

      Restart the GUI after intalling. then start the uscripts plugin in the extensions browser, enable the SD Card (Settings - enable SD card yes/no) and restart the GUI again
      Then it's possible to initialise and mount the SD Card in the device manager

      You will find the support thread of this plugin on, but this site has been offline since a while. So I'm not shure, if this is the latest version of this plugin. But it will work
      Gruß Fred

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