Problem with openvpn on Dreambox 900Uhd with newnigma

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    • Problem with openvpn on Dreambox 900Uhd with newnigma

      I've been using openvpn on my Dreambox 800 with newnigma for a long time and it works perfectly.
      I'm now trying to do the same on my Dreambox 900Uhd but I can't get it to work.

      I installed openvpn from the feed.
      In the folder etc/openvpn already had 2 files: alow and lock. I have upload the files from my vpn provider (fastestvpn):
      openvpn.ovpn and password.ovpn:
      But when I go to the openvpn plugin and start it it never works.... it stay´s forever with "activating" information:

      I've already tried:
      - With files from the fastestvpn and files from Proton,
      - Different names in the files in the etc/openvpn folder (client.conf, client.ovpn, password.conf, password.ovpn),
      - Install openvpn through the command "opkg install openvpn" and start it by telnet,
      - With and without user and password on the openvpn plugin interface....
      But I never got it to work.

      What am I doing wrong?
      I would appreciate some guidance please....

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